Inclusive Education

People in your school - Lead Teachers Early Learning and Behaviour Support


Adrienne Sprecker

Lead Teacher - Early Learning


Jody Beck.jpg

Jody Beck

Lead Teacher - Behaviour Support

Introducing Adrienne Sprecker and Jody Beck.  Both Lead Teachers, Early Learning and Behavior Support, will serve as part of Northern Lights District Supports Team (Inclusive Ed) to assist staff and school teams to develop strategies and action plans to strengthen inclusive practices and better meet the diverse learning needs of all students.  

Lead Teacher - Behaviour Support, Jody Beck is able to assist school teams in creating behaviour support and safety plans.  She may also  train school teams to implement functional behavior assessments and is able to assist schools to enhance positive behaviour supports and implement programs which build resiliency in students.  

Lead Teacher - Early Learning, Adrienne Sprecker coordinates kindergarten and preschool programming supports.  This includes implementing a common approach to programming with PUF/FSCD whenever possible.  Adrienne is able to train and assist school teams with implementing the Early Years Evaluation and developing Family Orientated Programming Sessions.     Adrienne works closely with community agencies and partners to promote early childhood development.  

Both Jody and Adrienne are able to participate in and or facilitate case conferences at the school and district level. Expect to see Jody and Adrienne in your school working with staff, admin and your SST team to assist with programming supports for students.