Inclusive Education

People in your school - New Lead Teachers - Instructional Technology


Craig Baskerville

Lead Teacher Instructional Technology

Cold Lake Area



Barb Lenormand

Lead Teacher Instructional Technology

Lac La Biche Area



Carly Johnson

Lead Teacher Instructional Technology

Bonnyville Area

Introducing Craig Baskerville (Cold Lake), Barb Lenormand (Lac La Biche)  and Carly Johnson (Bonnyville).  These Lead Teachers - Instructional Technology will serve as part of the Northern Lights District Supports Team (Inclusive Ed) to assist school teams and staff to develop strategies and action plans to strengthen instructional practices integrating technology to better meet the diverse learning needs of all students.    Expect to see Craig, Carly or Barb in your school working with staff and admin exploring ways to intentionally select the instructional strategies and technology tools that will impact student learning.  Universal, targeted and individualized strategies, assistive technology, GAFE (Google Apps for Education)  will be just a few of the areas that they will be able to provide assistance with.  In the next few weeks, NLSD will be conducting a conducting an ‘educational technology’ needs assessment of all staff which will guide planning.  

September/October plans for the the three Lead Teachers - Instructional Technology:   

  • Orientation

    • meeting your school based team (Admin, SST team)

    • attending the School Linked team meetings in each of the Northern Lights Schools during the month of September.  These meetings include our NLSD District Support Team, Alberta Health Services, RCSD (Regional Collaborative Service Delivery), Mental Health.  

  • Training - facilitating Grovo training/information

  • Planning - using the information from the ‘technology’ needs assessment to guide planning for 2015-16 as well as the following two years.  This information will be used to establish benchmarks and determine priorities for training.