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Success in Schools


Success in Schools

Success in School for Children and Youth in Care – Provincial Protocol Framework (PPF) is a joint initiative between Alberta Education and Children and Youth Services (CYS) to support improved school outcomes and high school completion rates for children and youth in provincial government care. The PPF will guide the work of those involved with children and youth in care to support school success and will provide the framework for Regional Agreements (RA). RAs can be customized, allowing local partners to meet local needs.   

Currently, educational achievement results for children and youth in care lag behind those for the general student population.  Significantly more children and youth in care drop out of school, do poorly on achievement tests, fall farther behind in school as they get older, and are less likely to graduate from high school compared to students in the general population.

The PPF and RAs will ensure Education and CYS work together at the local level with the child/youth, their caregivers and other appropriate partners to share information and engage in joint decision-making to plan for and support school success for children and youth in care.

The project supports and aligns with the Minister of Education’s priority to increase broad-based supports for at-risk children/youth and improve high school completion rates and the Minister of Children and Youth Services’ focus on improving outcomes for children and youth in care.

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